Torchlight Curriculum Level K Bundle (UPDATED VERSION)



Be Naturally Curious is a proud partner of the Torchlight Literature-Based Secular Curriculum.

This is a bundle of seven mini-courses to accompany the Torchlight Level K Curriculum. Use your Torchlight code at check out to receive the discounted price.

***Please note that this bundle includes the mini-courses for the updated version of the Torchlight Level K Curriculum. If you are trying to access a previously-purchased bundle for the original version, please email us at If you are interested in purchasing just the two mini-courses now included in the updated curriculum, please click here.***



Our Neighbor, the Moon!

Freddie and his Ocean Friends

Life in the Desert

A Butterfly's Evening Adventure

A Wide World of Vertebrates

Amazing Animal Migrations

Plate Tectonics: The Changing Continents