Who is Be Naturally Curious?

Be Naturally Curious was started by Valerie Grosso, a former college biology professor, who is passionate about making scientific concepts part of every kid’s life tool kit. She enlisted the help of several like-minded scientists who believe kids’ natural creativity and curiosity make it possible for them grasp and internalize topics adults usually think are too complicated for them. Our artists and designers are also key members of the Be Naturally Curious team, because effective teaching and communication are so dependent on visualizing the topics and processes being taught.


What does Be Naturally Curious make?

Be Naturally Curious sells mini-courses, in the form of downloadable PDFs, each of which focuses on a core scientific concept. Every mini-course is written by a Naturally Curious expert, who is passionate about bringing concepts that are either really important or really cool (or both!) to kids. Each mini-course also incorporates a range of nontraditional teaching techniques, including an illustrated story, a craft or manipulable, a game, and an experiment or outdoor field activity. In addition, every mini-course contains original illustrations and a beautiful design. When you purchase a mini-course, you will receive a link for downloading the course by email.


Why learn from a Be Naturally Curious Mini-Course?

One of the reasons our team of Naturally Curious experts is so passionate about their mini-courses is that each one focuses deeply on CONCEPTS that they know kids will love. These concepts range from more traditional topics, such as Magnets and the Moon, to more unusual subjects, such as the Science of Airplanes and Animal Migration Strategies. Even our more traditional topics go much deeper into the subject than is usually done for kids in this age range. Learn more about what’s in a course.

How are we able to teach such complicated topics? Through creative and physical play! We know that different kids (and different adults) learn best in a variety of different ways. We use a wide range of activities to engage with every student and to reinforce the concepts being taught.


We LOVE making mini-courses and sharing our passion for science with you.  We hope you enjoy them!


For more information on Be Naturally Curious and our mini-courses, please visit our FAQs page or email us at info@benaturallycurious.com