Mighty Magnets Curiosity Connector

Here are some links to help you follow your curiosity!


Make your own magnetic ice skater with this fun, magnetic crafting activity from the American Chemical Society:



A cool activity from the Exploratorium in San Francisco, showing how to model the Earth’s magnetic fields with a Sqeeshball, strong magnet, and staples! Also, learn why you compass may do unexpected things near an Icelandic Volcano…



Check out this neat video from the PBS NOVA program explaining how Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar storms—and what this has to do with auroras!



 Get a taste of how MIT researchers are developing new technologies using what they know about the properties of magnets:



 Being creative in how we use magnets in our daily lives—here’s a video showing some magnet lifehacks! Can you think of any others?



 A video showing seven unusual ways some people have had fun with magnets.